How To Calculate Total Cholesterol

Calculate Total CholesterolThe human body doesn’t only differ in genetics from male to female, but also physiologically. While women are blessed with estrogen a hormone that prolongs life, men are cursed with Testosterone a hormone that not only gives rise to violent behavior, but also to cholesterol related issues that shorten life.

The term cholesterol might scare many out of their wits and neither men nor women are safe from it, but in reality there are two completely different kinds of cholesterol that affect both men and women differently. To explain the actual facts about cholesterol and what is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, we have come up with a helpful guide for you.

What is Cholesterol

The word cholesterol can strike fear in the heart of the masses, the first signs of cholesterol indicate the entrance into old age and the beginning of a life long battle. Cholesterol is actually produced by the liver and not by the heart. Few food products also contain high amounts of cholesterol, which travel along the blood stream and get lodged in the heart vessels.

Cholesterol is produced in the human body at one thousand cc a day, to help build the walls of cells and it also helps the body to produce its own vitamin D. But like the con to every pro, excess amount of cholesterol can result in tissue and fat deposits in the arteries of the heart, making the heart weak and even resulting in heart attack.

One thing should be kept in mind that not all cholesterol levels are bad and there are few good cholesterols also that helps the body to function properly. So what is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, and how do they help or effect the body should be understood to live a healthy life.

What is Good and Bad Cholesterol?

  • Good Cholesterol – The term cholesterol does not only mean bad things as High Density Lipoprotein or HDL is considered to be a good cholesterol and the bodies waste disposal unit. HDL carries fat cells, tissues and LDL out of the arteries of the heart and blood and disposes the waste product through the liver. High levels of HDL can prevent many heart diseases and even heart attack. Studies from time and again have shown that low levels of HDL at 40% in men and 50% in women, have been the major cause of multiple heart diseases and even heart attacks in both genders. The best way to raise HDL level in the blood, is to exercise, reduce excess weight and eat fruits and vegetables.
  • Bad Cholesterol – Bad Cholesterol or LDL has become one of the leading causes of heart diseases and even heart attacks in many cases. As people grow older their metabolism slows down and excess amounts of LDL which carries fats and tissues, clog the arteries of the heart , giving rise to heart disease and even heart attack. As the modern day progresses, so does our dependency on junk food, many times due to the poor eating habits and excessive consumption of junk food can lead in raised levels of LDL in the blood stream, causing various ailments.

No matter how & what is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol is, it should be tried to be kept at normal levels to avoid any heart related issues. Which is why doctors on a regular basis advice to avoid junk food, eat healthy and exercise as much as possible to live a long and healthy life.

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